Multi-family has been our largest growth area over the past two years. The influx of projects has been phenomenal. In addition to the case studies below, photos above represent some of the other projects we have done.

We had the challenge of creating some colorful contemporary pieces on a limited budget for a historic renovation of a unique building for artist's residences. We sourced a combination of less expensive original art on paper and giclees on canvas. With proper placement we were able to create a colorful environment for a large building utilizing minimal pieces. Oversized mirrors helped reflect back the color of the furnishings as well as the historic elements of the building.

A conversion of a historic building into lofts. This building had a large central open area on each floor which created  several gallery opportunities. Here we also utilized a source for inexpensive originals and prints to give it a rich gallery quality while being on a limited budget. Minimalistic framing not only helped save the budget but gave the collection an artsy edge.

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